Joe's Musical Activity

Piano and vocals for a folk-choir group at St. Joseph Catholic Community in Eldersburg, MD.

Forty Days
Musical Director and sound engineer for talented youth band from St. Joseph Catholic Community.

Piano for three young ladies in the choir.

Bass guitar and recording engineer of former Baltimore-based rock band, Dexter (now known as Headstraight).

My first musical venture outside the scholastic realm began when Ben Howard received a keyboard as a gift, soon after which he invited me to collaborate on several sessions blending improvisational jazz and classical music. Our two-man fiasco generated works such as the following:
Early sessions [1993] -- Ben Howard, keyboard; Joe Ruelos, alto saxophone.
  • "An Irish Suite - part I" (5,781k)
  • "An Irish Suite - part II" (4,764k)
  • Live performance at a Filippino Festival [1994] -- Ben Howard, bass guitar; Joe Ruelos, keyboard.
  • "Better Played Than Said" (3,829k)
  • "Footprints" (5,456k)
  • Studio 4-track implementation [2000] -- Ben Howard, bass guitar & lead guitar; Joe Ruelos, keyboard & drums.
  • "Hopkins v College Park" (6,376k)

  • Jazz
    In my spare time, I indulge in improvisational jazz, mainly on piano and alto saxophone, though recently I've dabbled with acoustic bass for "big-band era" tunes. Below are some recordings from college through present:
    Loyola College Jazz Ensemble [1992-1996] -- directed by Anthony D. Villa.
  • "April's Fool" (3,607k)
  • "My Tara" (3,164k)
  • Marcus-Ruelos Sessions [1997-1998] -- Todd Marcus, clarinet; Joe Ruelos, piano.
  • "Blue In Green" (7,459k)
  • "How Insensitive" (4,756k)
  • Studio 14 Sessions [2000] -- under a self-coined musical pen-name, Rujo.
  • "Better Played Than Said" (4,708k)
  • "Billie's Bounce" (6,716k)
  • "My Tara" (4,690k)
  • "Red Clay" (4,520k)
  • "Song For My Father" (8,106k)
  • Btaps-Rujo Collaboration [2000] -- Greg Boone, drums; Joe Ruelos, piano.
  • "Like Bruce Hornsby" (3,804k)
  • "Mood Seeker" (1,780k)
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