Winning Hands on Pacific Poker

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Straight Flush, spades 2 to 5... too bad it was someone else who got it.

Flush, diamonds nine high... once again ALMOST a straight flush.

Straight, 3 to 7.

Flush, hearts king high.

Flush, clubs ace high.

Four of a Kind, jacks... too bad they folded early.

Full House, 8's full of 5's.

Full House, 10's full of 5's.

Flush, diamonds ace high.

Full House, 9's full of aces.

Four of a Kind, 5's (again!!!)

Full House, aces full of queens... too bad everyone folded early.

Full House, 3's full of 5's.

Full House, 7's full of 4's.

Straight, 7 to jack.

Four of a Kind, 5's... my first!

Full House, jacks full of kings.

Full House, kings full of 8's.

Full House, 10's full of 5's.

Flush, clubs jack high... almost a Straight Flush, missing either 5 or 10.

Full House, 10's full of jacks.

Flush, clubs king high... again almost a Royal Flush.

Flush, diamonds ace high... almost a Royal Flush.