Chasing Anna - May 6, 2002

by Joe Ruelos

Well, just one week ago I was in a state of disarray over this whole Anna thing and, as it turns out, rightfully so. Based on what happened yesterday and after several minutes of thought, my gut is telling me to walk away. In as few words as I wish to muster up over this whole thing (as I'm beginning to realize this is all a waste of time anyway) -- yesterday was a critical turning point.

Neill and I went in for coffee and donuts and sat at the table where Anna was sitting (with Jackie and Cathy, as per usual). My brother's fiance (Elana, from Spain) was with me since we were out doing tourist stuff Saturday and I invited her to mass and to check out Anna.

In retrospect, bringing Elana may have been a mistake (albeit a nice jealousy enticing bit -- she's a 19, almost 20, year old nuevo-european-angst, liberated-female, fake-blonde hottie with a labre). Naturally, she was a show-and-tell piece, as I went around challenging people with, "Do you speak Spanish?" Neill and his sister, Leighann, their mother Suzanne, and their friend Kristen, all members of the 8:30 group, each had a quasi-working knowledge of Spanish.

Initially it was Neill, Elana, and I sitting at the Anna table. Unlike two weeks ago (when Neill rigged things so I'd have to sit next to Anna) this week I sat across from Anna, and two seats over, next to Cathy. Neill left a seat next to Anna again, but I didn't want to leave Elana alone across the table, so I picked a seat which had a seat next to it. I'm such an asshole.

It turns out Anna was sick the week before, and she had a little bit of it yesterday.

[Writing was interrupted and unfinished...]

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