Chasing Anna - April 21, 2002

by Joe Ruelos

So much to tell, not enough time (or is it desire) to do so. Since March 30, 2002, I've been living in Watergate Village Apartments in Eastport (Annapolis) Maryland. Moved in with former band leader and fellow Loyola College graduate, Alex Clark. Been pretty good so far, except that I've been essentially occupying most of my time with things to do between the times that I have to work. With lack of sleep, I've been a little inefficient at work, but I've resolved to fix that soon.

As I was going to write on 4/15/02, I met Anna for coffee and donuts after mass just the day before, on Sunday 4/14/02, for I believe THIRD meeting! It was brief, but a great relief of the tensions I had built since last meeting her in early March, several weeks before Holy Week. And just today, this Sunday morning 4/21/02, I met her for the FOURTH time, and this one was quite productive, thanks to help from Neill, a budding fearless teen in the choir.

One day, as I have resolved, I will write about our first two meetings.

[Writing was interrupted and unfinished...]

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