Another Spiteful Surrender
(Too Often - Lost In Stupidity Again)

Just like that little toy we always wanted as a kid,
That most valuable, precious little piece of joy;
We just knew it would bring us all kinds of happiness,
We just knew it was so right.

How we begged and pleaded the parental figure
To accomodate, to bring us that joy;
How we fooled ourselves into believing
That nothing could ever be so good, so relieving.

Then we got what we wanted,
What we really really wanted,
Though by that time, on another joy
We found our desires mounted.

We still pressed on to enjoy lustfully
The gift, the object, the illusion,
Until we realized, amidst confusion,
That maybe we didn't need this after all.

So carefully we'll dump the toy, the joy,
Somewhere safe in our mind's closet;
Maybe one day when it's convenient,
We'll play again -- we won't sell it.

Guiltfully, we pretend to work it out,
Though another distraction awaits, no doubt,
Don't speak, you're up to bat again,
Try to make this one go longer, man.

I guess it seems you're still not the one,
But thank you, Leebee, for all you've done.

[April 28, 1999]